Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strut mod Pt 2

Well, It was a crazy hectic mod. Actually the mod was pretty easy but finding someone to do the cutting and welding (basically the whole mod) was hectic. Don't think I took any pics so I'll sum up. Went with 200sx inserts. Didn't realize you had to lower the spring perch. With these wheels and offset the perch is right on the wheel.

And I can't even fit coil overs because the rim is right up against the strut tube. I ended up cutting a coil and a half off the stock 510 springs. it brought it down about 1 1/2 inches. I forgot to measure before and after. but when lowering the car with the floor jack i got it stuck under the cross member. So at least I can tell it's lower.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Front struts PT 1

So here's the start of the strut mod. KYB GR2 Vw rabbit struts. About 2" shorter than the stock 280zx. This first part is just with cut springs to get rid of the positive camber. At the current ride height I get nose bleeds.

The struts came with the spacer type thing and a new cap. the directions say to use the spacer with the oem cap or the new cap W/O the spacer.

I figure I'll take the vw insert, my strut tubes, and the spacer and have him cut and weld the tube so i can fit the spacer.

As you can see the threads are too large. and looks like the datsun tip has a flat side. So ill have to drill out the hole.

Soon I'll have everything welded together and painted and reinstalled for some sots of the ride height before, during, and after the springs are cut.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I decided I should try to blog about the attention I get because of my 510.

Let's see, I had someone want to buy the car the second day I owned it.
I had an employee of a garden supply store start talking to me about the car.
The delivery guy dropping off my new washer talked about his friends who had Datsuns.
Almost any time I'm getting gas.
The other day two college girls were gawking at the car not knowing I was walking up behind them.
Many times I get thumbs up or nods from people driving Nissans, Japanese cars, older cars, even weird looks from VW and BMW owners.
The best is when I went to pick up a part from the Nissan dealership and the sales man attacked me with questions. He then took in what the car had to offer until I drove away. The worst part was my wife was in the car the entire time, sitting there awkwardly.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Thinking and doing research for what I want to do with the suspension. There's more body roll then I would like in the back. The front needs some negative camber. It's a little high at both ends. Going to clean out the garage soon so the Dime has some place to sleep. And I'll be able to crawl under, and really take in what has to be done to make this beast handle like it should.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where to start?

First things, first.
Make the car a daily driver:
-New floor boards
-New seats-Front sporty buckets-Rear matching bench 0r buckets
-Center Console w/cup holders (coffee is scary between the legs in a 510)

And then...
Engine swap (still unsure of the specifics). But main goal is a VG33E, might settle for a VG30. I have given some thought to keeping it 4 cylinder with a NA KA24, or an SR20, but V6 2300lb car seems right?

Suspension is still up in the air. I know I want adjustable ride height, but mainly low. Since it's just a daily for now, I'll probably lower it a bit for looks and take care of the expensive coilovers when I get closer to the swap.

As far as the looks go, I want it clean and not yellow. Well actually I'm a little more specific. It's a 39 year old car. I want a color that could have been available in 1971. I'm thinking a dark gray (not metallic), a dark green (not metallic), a dark red (not metallic), maybe a dark gun metal so yes metallic. It's a 4 door, so flares would be tricky but I like the look of bolt on flares (in either painted to match, black, or carbon fiber). Wheels will be 14, 15, 0r 16". Depending on the body color, bronze, gun metal, or black. Haven't found the perfect style yet, but leaning towards a 5 spoke/star, panasports, or meshies. A machined lip might be sweet too. The nose has to have a spook, unless I live or work up a hill.

Dime in the driveway.

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, but I did get a 510. A couple weeks ago I drove over 100 miles to get a 1971 4 door 510. I then drove the car 100 miles back home in the dark poring rain at +70 mph. Even still I haven't taken pictures of the car. Or even had a chance to clean all the grime and rust out of the interior. Maybe today.
Now on to the goodies. Rust in the rockers, floor, trunk, and quarters. L20b engine with A87 Peanut Head, dogleg 5 speed transmission, 280zx front struts. 16" Enkei wheels (something smaller and less ricey in the future), flashy yellow paint that makes the car look like nothing else on the road.
I'll make a list of hopes and dreams in a future post as well as some pics.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's been a while

Things haven't changed much. I'm still looking for a 510, still hoping to sell my car. Progress has been made on the 510 front. I'm learning tons, getting a good understanding on what I want and what would be best for me. And I'm getting to know the Datsun crowd. Let's hope a 510 is in my near future.